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We've never needed you more than now.

Because of COVID-19, Gahanna families need your support.

Because of COVID-19, Gahanna families need your support.

Learn more about the local COVID-19 relief efforts taking place here at home.

Multiple causes. One community.

We’re all in this together.

We’ve all been affected by COVID-19  — for example, we’re all staying at home to flatten the curve — but some are suffering beyond making basic sacrifices. Some have lost loved ones, some are sick, some are out of work. 

And as such, Gahanna’s nonprofits are struggling to meet the increased needs in our community. If you have the capacity to donate, please make a gift today.

Unprecedented tough times call for an unprecedented giving effort. We’ve never been through this before, but by watching out for one another, we’ll get through it together.

From all of us, thank you. We rely on your support.


Gahanna Residents In Need


GRIN is Gahanna’s primary food pantry. A community-wide, faith-based organization committed to helping local residents in times of need, GRIN helps families with a “hand-up” when they need it most. In 2017 alone, GRIN served 102,017 meals to Gahanna families.


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The Gahanna Area Arts Council

GAAC serves to connect and enrich our community through participation in and engagement with the Arts. Currently, GAAC is helping to organize a community-wide home-made mask program and supporting out-of-work artists who ordinarily rely on Arts festivals (now canceled) to earn a living.


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Gahanna Jefferson Education Foundation


GJEF is shaping the future of Gahanna students by providing innovative educational opportunities and is currently helping lead the transition to remote learning, helping parents and students conduct school at home. To date, GJEF has funded over 820 grants above & beyond the budget of the school district.


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The Gahanna Parks & Rec Foundation


The Parks & Rec Foundation’s goal is to help improve the quality of life for Gahanna residents by enhancing our parks, open space, and recreation and leisure activities. While many entertainment destinations are closed, Gahanna’s parks remain open, giving local families one of few opportunities to get out of the house.


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Help your neighbors.

By giving to Gahanna, you can ensure your donation dollars make an impact right here in your own community. Your neighbors will thank you!

Share the moment.

By using the local hashtag #GiveToGahanna (in addition to the national hashtags #GiveLocal and #GivingTuesdayNow) on social media, you’ll be helping to bring awareness to our cause.