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two fifty four

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What we’re all about.

two.fifty.four is a community teen center that opened in 2018 to provide a safe place for students to build relationships, play games, get help with homework or just hangout — love, laugh, learn, and loiter, as we like to say.

Located at 254 Agler Road, we provide a variety of open times during the week for middle and/or high school students to drop in.  We engage these older students in planning special events for younger students including summer camps, outdoor movie nights, and holiday craft sessions.  We also partner with other organizations by offering our space for church groups and scout meetings and providing services such as a resource garage and gardens to support single moms.

Help us expand our open hours and breadth of services by supporting us with your time, talent, and treasures.

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We don’t do it alone.
Meet our partners.

It’s giving season once again in Gahanna — a time when individuals, communities, and organizations come together with a commitment to open their hearts to help those in need. And it’s in this spirit of sharing that some of Gahanna’s non-profits have partnered up to create this Gahanna Giving Store.

Whether you give to one organization or all of them equally, know that by contributing to this common cause, you’re making a difference for families in need right here in Gahanna.

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