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Gahanna Historical Society

Nice to meet you!

What we’re all about.

Many of the activities and events of the historical society have become traditions in the Gahanna community.

Perhaps you know us from our campus of relocated and restored historic buildings in the heart of Olde Gahanna. The Log House (1840) is a beautiful example of pioneer architecture, and is furnished to represent pioneer living in this area.The John Clark House, originally built as a home for the first minister of Peace Lutheran Church, is a museum filled with treasures generously donated by the descendants of the town’s founding father. And the Lily Stone Bed and Breakfast, restored to represent the Victorian Era in which it was built, is a popular destination for guests from many different cities and states.

Or maybe you know us from our annual Flea Market, held every September, as a welcomed opportunity to shop for hidden treasures and reunite with neighbors and friends.

The Gahanna Historical Society is one of our community’s most revered organizations, always here to offer a Forward Look and a Backward Glance.

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Meet our partners.

It’s giving season once again in Gahanna — a time when individuals, communities, and organizations come together with a commitment to open their hearts to help those in need. And it’s in this spirit of sharing that some of Gahanna’s non-profits have partnered up to create this Gahanna Giving Store.

Whether you give to one organization or all of them equally, know that by contributing to this common cause, you’re making a difference for families in need right here in Gahanna.

Do you represent a Gahanna charity that isn’t listed here? Email us to inquire about joining this program.

Shop local. Give local.
By giving to Gahanna, you can ensure your donation dollars make an impact right here in your own community. Your neighbors will thank you!
Share the moment.
By using the local hashtag #GiveToGahanna (in addition to the national hashtags #GiveLocal and #GivingTuesdayNow) on social media, you’ll be helping to bring awareness to our cause.