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Give one. Give all.

Help make Gahanna the most generous community in Ohio.

Give one. Give all.

Charitable giving made easy.

A group of neighbors on a mission.

Our goal is to get everyone in Gahanna to donate to at least one local charity every year.

Simply choose which charities you’d like to support.

Help us spread the word.

Show your love for all things local.

When you make a gift, our volunteers will place a sign in your yard showing everyone that yours is one of those households who loves Gahanna most. The signs help to spread the word, multiplying the impact of your donation. And then, in a few weeks, our volunteers will come pick up the sign so we can reuse it again.

Don’t want a sign? No problem. You can opt out at the time of your donation.


An official campaign of GivingTuesday giving-tuesday-logo

Be part of a global giving movement.

Give to Gahanna is an official community campaign of GivingTuesday, a global generosity movement that now spans 240+ US communities and 75+ countries.

Click the map to see the impact GivingTuesday is making all over the world. In each of the highlighted communities, you’ll find groups like this one working together to grow the local giving spirit.


Gahanna has many great charities.

Choose which causes you will support.

We’ve made it simple to donate local by creating this one-stop shop for many great Gahanna charities.

Use the tabs to filter the participating organizations by their causes, then click on each org’s logo make a donation or learn more about its mission.

Can’t choose just one charity?

Make a single (shared) donation.

If you’d prefer, you can use this form to donate to all participating Gahanna non-profits at once. But remember — your donation will be split!

Please enter the amount you’d like to give total, not the amount you’d like to give to each charity.